Pin It I'm Anna and being a mother is my most favorite thing ever!  My boys have completely changed the way I see my life and the world. 

But let me back up seven years.  It was then that I first became pregnant.  Pregnancy was quite the experience.  I had the nose of a hound dog (so I could smell my garbage disposal from a room away).  I was super hormonal (my poor husband). And anything healthy made me want to gag (even in my third trimester). So I definitely enjoyed some interesting food combinations.  Beef jerky and bananas... my favorite snack!  Chocolate on toast... my favorite breakfast.

My husband and I still laugh about the first time I made this combination.  He was standing near me in the kitchen when I took a slice of bread, laid a square of chocolate on it, and nuked it for 10 seconds.  Then, as I used a knife to spread the softened yumminess, I turned to him and asked, as if it were completely normal, if he wanted one. 

Funny thing is, no one would ever guess that prior to pregnancy, I didn't like chocolate.  So much so that when I was little, my grandmother used to have to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies sans the chocolate chips just for me.  And from that moment, there have been many small and big changes in my life.

Chocolate on Toast is a reflection of my life as a mother.  A mother who loves her family, DIY projects, and party planning.  So welcome and I hope you'll join me on my creative and sometimes crazy endeavors.

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